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The Hoe Train Wrestling Report

Roll a fatty for this pimp daddy, light that sucker up and say.......

Survivop Series 2k1

Survivor Series 2k1

Match #1: WWF European Championship Match
Christian vs. Al Snow
Christian made his way to the ring and called the state they were in South Carolina. He talked some shit to the crowd and was quickly interrupted by Al Snows music.

The two competitors locked up and Christian got the upperhand in the match. Christian got Snow down in the corner and stomped away at him. Al Snow attempted to gain offense, but Christian got him in a headlock in the middle of the ring. Snow broke out with an elbow to the gut, followed by a series of headbutts and then he was suplexed to the mat. Christian got Snow in a chokehold and the crowd booed him immediately. The champion continued to take a beat down on Snow and got him in the corner again and insulted him as he choked him out.

Snow tried to break free and finally did and nailed Christian with a series of close headbutts. Snow hit a clothesline to the back of Christians head and then Christian went for his finisher. Snow broke free and hit him with a superkick and then went for the pin. Snow then powerbomed Christian, but he was able to kick out due to the very lax cover by Snow. Christian took a cheap shot on Snow and got him down to the mat, Snow went for the inside cradle and nearly pinned Christian.

Snow dropped behind Christian and got him in a front face lock and turned it into his finisher, the Snow Plow. He went for the pin and Christian got his feet on the bottom rope to break the count. Christian then got up and hit his finisher and pinned Al Snow to retain his European Championship.
Winner: Christian

Steve Austin showed up to the arena with Debra and the Alliance top guns approached him and asked him if he was joining the WWF. He said no and they said he was a suspect since he was smiling at Vince earlier in the week. Kurt Angle then said he should be the leader of the Alliance and Austin snapped and told then that he was going to take down the WWF if he had to do it himself. He told then not to worry and they all left but they all seemed to be very suspicious of Stone Cold.

Vince and Linda McMahon were shown discussing the event and Michael Cole came up and asked them about the risk of tonights big match. Vince smiled and said he got to where he is now by taking risks. He made it seem as though everything would be under control. William Regal then came up and said that the Alliance was taking down his federation tonight. Vince looked at Linda after he walked away and said that shit happens.

Match #2: William Regal vs. Tajiri
Tajiri came right down and went right after Regal. Regal quickly stopped his offense by blocking a kick and sending Tajiri to the mat. Regal nailed him with a back kick and Tajiri quickly turned it around and got Regal in the tarantula. Regal then tossed Tajiri over the ropes and his head got caight. Regal then used this to his advantage and used it as leverage to hurt Tajiri.

Tajiri got out and nailed Regal with a kick that sent him to the mat. He went for another and missed, allowing Regal to nail him in the gut. Regal, who was cut open, rolled up Tajiri and got the 3-count and another victory for the Alliance. He started to leave, but then came back and slammed Tajiri on his head one more time before he left the ringside area.
Winner: William Regal

Following the match, Torrie Wilson came down to attend to Tajiri and Regal came down again and powerbombed Torrie on her head and then walked out.

Test was shown in the back giving the makeup lady a hard time about how she put the oil on his body. Stacy then came up and agreed with him and told Test he was right and snared at the lady. Test looked at Stacy and said she should get together with him and the Alliance to celebrate his victory after his match and then maybe later, they could unite. She smiled and wished him good luck and then caressed his ass as she walked away.

Match #3: Intercontinental/United States Championship Title Unification Match
Edge vs. Test
Test and Edge tied up in the middle of the ring and Test missed a blow to the face and Edge nailed him and got the early advantage in the match. Edge nailed him with a clothesline and went for a pinfall. Test shot right up and got Edge in the corner and put a beating on him.

They then fought to the outside and Test whipped Edge into the guardrail and then picked him up and dropped him down on the railing. Test got Edge back in the ring and whipped Edge, but it was reversed and Edge tossed him out of the ring and then nailed him with a baseball slide. Edge stomped away at Test on the outside and then got him back in the ring.

Test fought back once they got in the ring, but Edge hit him with a swinging neckbreaker and went for a pin, but he was able to kick out. Test got up and got the advantage and clotheslined Edge to the mat. Test snap marred Edge down and got him in a reverse chinlock.

Test and Edge fought on and the match got quite intense. Test went for the pump handle slam and Edge reversed it and turned into his own finisher. Test then got up and hit Edge with the spear and went for the pin, but Edge kicked out. Edge got up and nailed Test with the Spear and he somehow kicked out. Test got up and got rolled up in a cradle by Edge and the referee counted the 3-count.
Winner: Edge

Stephanie was whining to Kurt Angle in the locker room area saying that she was stressed because she did not want to become a Regular Person. Kurt tried to assure her that everything would be alright.

Match #4: WWF/WCW Tag Team Championship Title Unification Match
The Dudley Boyz vs. The Hardy Boyz
The cage was lowered over the ring and boy teams came down to the ring. Buh Buh and Matt started off the match and Buh Buh had the advantage. He slammed Matt down and dropped numerous elbows on him and then reached for the tag to his brother D-Von. They double-teamed Matt in their corner and then Buh Buh was tagged back into the match. He went for the powerbomb on Matt, but it was reversed and Matt hit a DDT. This bought him some time and he was able to tag in Jeff.

Jeff nailed Buh Buh with flying side kick off his brothers back and then they tried to win the match by escaping the cage. The Dudleyz caught them and Buh Buh nailed Jeff with a Buh Buh Bomb off the side of the cage and D-Von hit a Side Russian Leg Sweep on Matt from the side of the cage as well. D-Von then rolled over to Jeff and went for a pin.

The Dudleyz then double-teamed Matt and whipped him off the ropes and lifted him up and slammed him face-first into the cage wall. Jeff then tried to escape the cage quickly but the brothers stopped him and yanked him back into the ring. Both Hardyz were down and the Dudley Boyz strutted their stuff in the ring to the audience.

Buh Buh picked up Matt and gave him and neckbreaker and went for the cover, but Jeff made the save. Buh Buh then whipped D-Von into Matt and he was slammed into the cage wall. The Dudleyz then manhandled Jeff and slammed his head into the cage.

The Dudleyz then climbed the ropes and went for high-impact moves and missed. Jeff then got up and hit a splash on D-Von and then Matt got up and DDTed Buh Buh. Jeff then got a low blow on D-Von and the Hardyz then teamed up and double back body dropped Buh Buh. The brothers then got up on opposite ring posts and nailed the Dudleyz in the middle of the ring with flying leg drops. Matt then started to climb the cage and Buh Buh caught him and his foot got stuck in the cage. Buh Buh then got Jeff held down and D-Von hit the Whassup Flying Headbutt.

On the outside, Stacy pulled a table out from under the ring and then the referee came up to her and tried to stop her. She flashed him her thong and then kissed on him and pulled the cage door key from his back pocket at the same time. She then unlocked the door and got the table inside the cage.

The table was set up and Matt got out of the cage from the top. Jeff was inside the cage alone with both Dudleys. Jeff fought at D-Von and then slammed him into the cage. Jeff then got up to the top of the cage. He could have got out, but he looked down and saw D-Von on the table and decided to got for a Swanton on him from the top of the cage. Jeff went for the move and D-Von moved, making him crash through the table. Buh Buh reached over and pinned Jeff and captured the undisputed Tag Team Titles.
Winner: The Dudley Boyz

Scotty 2 Hotty was walking through the halls and Test approached him and asked him if he was participating in the Immunity Battle Royal. He said yes he was and Test beat the shit out of him and said he was taking his place in the match.

Match #5: Over the Top Rope Immunity Battle Royal
Shawn Stasiak was eliminated immediately and Tazz then made his way down to the ring. It was chaos in the ring and Tazz joined the mix to battle for immunity. Hurricane went for a dive off the ropes on Faarooq but he was caught and tossed over the ropes. Albert eliminated Perry Saturn and then Faarooq was eliminated as well. DDP was clotheslined over the ropes by Palumbo and then he was superkicked out by Lance Storm. Hugh Morrus and Chavo Guerrero then came down and joined the match. Billy Gunn then tossed out Crash and Spike Dudley at the same time while Chavo was Gorilla Pressed over the top. Tazz then looked out at Paul Heyman and was talking shit, and this allowed Billy Gunn to tossed him over the ropes. Kidman was then thrown out by Bradshaw. It was then down to 4 men: Lance Storm, Bradshaw, Test and Billy Gunn.

Storm and Bradshaw were fighting near the ropes after a near elimination of Billy Gunn. Test ran over and tossed them both over and Gunn then went after Test. He turned around and Test used Gunns momentum to throw him over the top and win immunity. Test cannot be fired for at least a year no matter who wins the Main Event.
Winner: Test

Booker T. was talking to Shane McMahon in the locker room area. Booker said he did not trust Stone Cold. He said everyone knows his DTA policy and he said he came and joined the Alliance from day 1 and he did not want Austin to ruin everything for him. Shane assured him that Austin came to the Alliance for a reason and he will lead them to victory. Booker said he hoped Shane was right.

Match #6: WWF Womens Title Match
Trish Stratus vs. Ivory vs. Jacqueline vs. Lita vs. Jazz
Jazz came right down as the mystery opponent and took Lita down with a SideWalk slam. She continued to beat down Lita and then the tag was made to Molly and Jackie. Molly flexed her muscles at Jackie, allowing her to nail her with a clothesline and go for a pinfall. Molly tagged in Ivory and Jackie rolled her right up and went for the fall. Ivory slammed down Jackie and she tagged in Trish. Ivory took the beating to Trish and nailed her repeatedly with hammer shots to the back.

All the women then got in and went at it. Jazz was whipped into the corner by Ivory and then used Jackie as a leaping tool to nailed her. Molly then hit a full flip splash on Jackie. Lita then grabbed Ivory and laid her in the middle of the ring and nailed her with a moonsault. Lita took down Molly and Jazz and finally the newcomer was able to get Lita out of the ring.

Jazz went for a high-risk move and fell to the outside. Trish nailed the Stratusfaction on Ivory and got the 3-count to win the Womens Championship.
Winner: Trish Stratus

Vince was in the locker room with Team WWF giving them a pep talk for the match. Vince told them that there was not any WWF fan in the world that would forgive them for losing the match tonight. He said that if they lost their own families and friends would all justifiably ridicule them. He asked them what would a loss say for all the men that paved the way for them, like Gorilla Monsoon, Buddy Rogers, Peter Maivia etc. Vince told them that he picked them personally because he knew they could represent the WWF.

Match #7: Winner Takes All Match
Team WWF: The Rock, Chris Jericho, Undertaker, Kane & Big Show vs. The Alliance: Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Rob Van Dam, Shane McMahon & Booker T.
Rock and Austin went right at it once the bell rang. Austin got Rock backed into the corner and then he whipped from off the ropes and nailed the Lou Thesz press and followed up with a series of shots to the face. Van Dam was tagged in by Austin and Jericho was then tagged in by Rock. Jericho suplexed RVD and then kneed him in the head. RVD was in the ropes and Jericho stomped away at him and then hit him repeatedly with knife-edge chops. Jericho then whipped him into the corner and he leaped backward over him and then Jericho got him in the Walls of Jericho.

RVD broke free and tagged in Kurt Angle while Kane was tagged in by Jericho. Kane whipped Kurt into the corner and followed with a huge clothesline. Kane hit the sidewalk slam on Angle and then hit a Missile Drop kick on him from the top rope. Undertaker was then tagged in and he went right after Angle and beat him senseless on the mat. He picked him up and slammed his head into the corner and then Angle somehow tagged the Spineroony.

Taker continued the beat down status on Booker T. He had him in an armbar and then he walked the ropes and nailed Booker old school style. Taker picked Booker up by the arms and dropped him down and then got him in an armbar on the mat. Booker spun out and rolled up Taker and then Shane came in with a cheap shot and then ran back to the Alliance corner.

Austin was then tagged in and Taker nailed him with the clothesline in the middle of the ring. Taker went for the cover and Shane ran right in again and stopped the pin from happening. Taker was then lured into the Alliance corner and was beating by all the members of the WCW/ECW team. Austin tagged in Angle and he came in and nailed Taker with a swinging neckbreaker and went for the pin.

Big Show was then tagged in and he came in and went right after Angle. He backed him into the corner and kicked the shit out of him. RVD then came in and Show got him in a Gorilla Press slam. Angle then ran over and nailed Big Show with the Angle Slam. Booker T. then came in with the blond tag and did the Spineroony and then tagged in RVD, who hit the 5-Star Frog Splash on Big Show.

Shane was then tagged in and he made the cover on Big Show and got the elimination. Kane then got the tag and he came in and picked up Shane by the throat and choke slammed him in the middle of the ring. He tagged in Undertaker, who talked some shit to the Alliance and then picked up Shane and nailed a Tombstone on him. Jericho got the tag from UT and nailed a Lionsault on Shane and pinned him for the first Alliance elimination.

Angle stepped in and missed a clothesline on Jericho and then got nailed on the way back with a flying forearm shot. Angle hit a takedown and pummeled away at Jericho. Booker T. was tagged in and hit a series of scoop slams on Jericho and then he drove the knee to the chest of Jericho and went for the tag to Van Dam. RVD hit marital arts kicks on Jericho and then whipped him into the corner and nailed him with a shoulder block. Kane was tagged in and RVD kicked him in the side of the head and then backed him into the turnbuckles but was clotheslined hard by Kane.

Kane yanked Booker T. into the ring by the hair and RVD then hit a spinning heel kick on him. RVD went up top and hit the Frog Splash on Kane. Kane got right up and grabbed RVD by the throat to go for the chokeslam, but Booker came in and hit a huge heel kick to stop him. Booker T. then got a cheap shot on Kane and RVD got the pin on him to eliminate him.

Taker then came in and put the beating to RVD. Angle tried to step in and stop Taker, but was slammed into the corner. Taker threw RVD out of the ring and was left with Angle in the ring. Taker nailed Angle with the big boot to the face. Taker then grabbed Angle and hit the Last Ride on him in the middle of the ring. Booker T. then ran in with a chair and then Austin followed and hit the Stunner on Taker and then put Angle on top of Taker to get the pinfall and elimination.

Booker and Rock squared off in the ring. Rock threw blows to Booker and then got slammed in the head and taken down to the mat. Rock then hit a back drop on Booker and they were both down. They got up and Rock threw Booker into his own team mates and then hit the Rock Bottom and pinned him to eliminate him. RVD ran in and attacked Rock in the corner. Rock finally got the tag to Jericho and he nailed RVD with a flying forearm. Jericho slammed RVD to the mat and then missed the Lionsault. RVD hit a split legged moonsault. Jericho got up and nailed RVD and pinned him to eliminate him from the Alliance team.

Austin and Jericho then fought in the ring and Austin choked him on the bottom rope. Austin and Y2J battled in the ring for a long time and Austin held Jericho down in a chokehold for quite some time. Jericho finally broke free and Rock and Angle were both tagged in. Rock hit a leg waist takedown and then got Angle in the Sharpshooter. Angle tapped out to the hold and Austin came in and took down Rock.

Jericho then got the tag from Rock. Jericho went for the Walls of Jericho but Austin got free and he then tried to get the hold on him. Austin scoop slammed Jericho down and went for the fall, but only got a 2-count. Jericho then got upstairs and hit a missile drop kick. He then whipped Austin off the ropes and went for the Sunset flip, but Austin sat down on him and pinned him. Jericho then ran in and hit a Full Nelson forward slam on Rock and said he was the HERO and walked out. Austin went for the pin and Rock kicked out.

Undertaker then ran down and got in Jerichos face for what he did and yelled at him all the way out the entrance area. Rock and Austin were both down. Austin stomped the hell out of the Rock. He finally got up with more life andwent for an offense, but Austin grabbed him and threw him over the top rope to the outside floor. Austin beat up on Rock on the outside and finally. Rock then whipped Austin over the announcers table and pounded away at him behind the table. Rock got Austin back in the ring and went for a clothesline and missed and Austin took him down and got him in the Sharpshooter.

Rock would not tap out and he made his way over to the ropes and finally the referee stopped the hold. Austin went outside and grabbed the WWF title and went after Rock, but he took him down and got him in the Sharpshooter. Austin made his way to the ropes and the Rock was forced to drop the hold. Austin and Rock then stood face-to-face and Austin went for the stunner, but Rock blocked it and hit the move on him. The referee, Earl Hebner (WWF) was pulled out of the ring and punched by Nick Patrick (WCW ref) and he took over the officiating for the match. Austin then nailed the Rock Bottom on Rock and did not get the 3. Austin knocked out the WCW ref and then pulled back in Earl, but Rock shoved him into the ref and then Austin hit the stunner on Rock, but there was no referee to make the count. Kurt Angle then ran down and nailed Austin with the WWF title belt and Rock hit the Rock Bottom and then pinned him in the middle of the ring to win the match for the World Wrestling Federation.

Vince came out while Rock was celebrating his win and had his arms raised up on the ramp as the show came to an end.
Winner(s): The WWF


Raw Results



Tonight we will see:
Rock and RVD vs Dudley Boyz for the WWF Tag Team Championship, and a Gravy Bowl Invitational Match between Stacy and Trish.

The co-owner of the WWF, Ric Flair, comes to the ring. Happy Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving brought us the Survivor Series, one of the greatest PPV's of all time. And thank God I bet on the winning team. Who would have ever guessed that Stephanie and Shane sold their WWF stock to Ric Flair. I am now 50% owner of the WWF. On December 9 at Vengeance Rock and Steve Austin will fight till there is only one. One great champion, one great company. Vince McMahon comes to the ring. Vince gets on the mic. Since this is Thanksgiving we should give a thank you to Kurt Angle. Boo. Imagine me having a 50/50 partner in Ric Flair. Goes to show you that anything can happen. I have to compliment you Ric, this is a brilliant idea. I agree we should only have one champion. I applaud that idea. Let me offer something else. If I'm the Rock, I would love to get my hands on Y2J. If I were Steve Austin I would want to get my hands on Kurt Angle. What if Austin defends the WWF title against Angle, and Rock defends the World title against Y2J. Then the winner of both matches later on in the night will fight for the undisputed world champion.

I think you could have been less flamboyant in the way you addressed your partnership with me. I'm not so sure that you didn't know that Austin was in the building. When you were prancing in the ring here comes Austin. I looked at you and said what are you gonna do? You didn't do a damn thing. I pulled Austin off of Angle. What did I get in return? Austin beat the hell out of me. What did you do? You stood there and watched it. When I walked up the ramp I could have swore you and Austin were drinking beer together. If we're 50/50 partners I will always watch your back. In the future when I jump in I want you too as well. What kind of partner are you going to make?

Flair gets back on the mic and starts dancing. I'm a kiss stealing wheelin dealin, etc, etc, etc. partners with you Vince McMahon.

Backstage, Coach interviews Trish. Why did you accept a gravy bowl match? You know I don't mind getting nasty. I will defend my title against any challenger in any type of match. I'm dressed to kill. If this dress gets wet, just be sure I will make the bigger impression.


Test vs Scotty Too Hotty
Size 15 right in the mouth.
Winner: Test

Backstage, Sharmel Sullivan (aka Paisley) interviews Tazz. Tazz, why are you back here in the WWF? Well it's real simple. Vince hired me back because he was impressed by what I did to Heyman last week. Funaki walks up and starts laughing at Tazz for losing to the kiss ass man Regal. Tazz chokes out Funaki. Big Show walks up and tells Tazz to pick on somebody his own size. A challenged is issued between the two.


Backstage, Angle and Vince wish each other a happy thanksgiving. Angle says everybody is ingrates. They should all be thankfull of him for saving the WWF. Angle thanks Vince for giving him the opportunity at Vengeance to become the undisputed world champion. Christian brings in room service food to show his grattitude. Undertaker walks in and tells Christian he was just leaving. Angle says Undertaker should be thanking him. Vince says he can handle it. Angle leaves. Vince asks Undertaker where he was Monday night to be in the celebration. Undertaker says he was not there because he didn't fit in. Undertaker wants to know why Vince didn't tell him about Angle being the mole. Undertaker says Angle is a snake in the grass, and wonders why Vince didn't come to him to do the job that Angle did. Undertaker wants some grattitude. Vince makes a match between Undertaker and Angle for tonight.


Tazz vs Big Show
Tazz jumped on Show's back and put him in the tazzmission. Show counters the move by falling flat on his back, with Tazz still hanging on, for the pin.
Winner: Big Show

Backstage, Vince is eating Christian's room service food. Angle enters and tells Vince he is ready for Undertaker. Angle leaves and Regal enters. Christian gets excused by Vince. Vince asks Regal for a favor - whispers in Regal's ear. What!? You want me to do that? Yes I can bloody do that.


Kurt Angle vs Undertaker
Angle managed to roll out of the chokeslam and lock on the ankle lock in the middle of the ring. Undertaker broke free with his strong legs. Angle gets back up and runs at Undertaker only to receive a chokeslam. Undertaker can't make a pin attempt because his ankle is hurting. Undertaker puts the ankle lock on Angle. Angle makes it to the ropes but Undertaker doesn't let go. Vince enters the ring with a chair and gets in swinging position when Undertaker turns around. Undertaker stares at Vince, takes the chair away from him, drops it, and stares some more. Undertaker says something to Vince and leaves. Vince has a grin on his face. Angle re-enters the ring to ask Vince what is going on.
NO CONTEST, or Angle winner by DQ for UT not letting go of the ankle lock in the ropes

Backstage, Regal is walking the hallway.


William Regal comes to the ring. Seeing as how it is thanksgiving here in America I thought I would let you know that I am thankfull of certain things. I am thankfull that I am British. I am also thankfull for the fact that on Monday night at Raw I had the honor of kissing Mr. McMahon's backside. Now I am thankfully employed here in the WWF. Each of you would have done the same thing if given the opportunity. You are all just jealous because I did it better than you possibly could have. Now, I would like to call out Steve Austin. Austin comes to the ring. I'm glad you decided to show up. Austin takes the mic from Regal. You wanna say something to me face to face. What? Regal gets a word in. What? Another word in. What? Another word in. What? I'm sorry but it smells like crap in here. What did you wanna say to me? Another word in. What? What? What? What? I brought you a gift. Stuff all this gum and candy in your mouth. Your breath stinks. Here's some Altoids, try those. Knock em out of my hands, I dare ya. Haha. Did you wash your face and brush your teeth? Have you been eating chocolate? What?

Austin asks some more question to which the crowd answers "what". Did you get excited kissing Vince's ass? You are in the kiss ass club amd I'm in the whip ass club. Regal takes the mic back. If it wasn't for you losing at Survivor Series I wouldn't had to kiss Vince's ass. Austin stuns Regal. Dudleys, Test, and Christian hit the ring and all gang up on Austin. Dudleyz give Austin a 3D. Regal stretch on Austin.


Backstage, Vince, Test, Christian, Dudleyz, and Regal celebrate kicking Austin's ass. Austin gives Christian an IC Title match against Edge tonight. Vince wants to know where RVD is. Dudleyz say when RVD found out what they wanted them to do to Austin he wanted no part of it and no showed.

Gravy Bowl Invitational - WWF Women's Championship
Stacy and Trish Stratus
There is a table placed beside the gravy pit with food on it. Both women sit at the table and then they start food fighting. Trish catapults Stacy into the gravy pool. Good thong shot of Stacy. Trish jumps on Stacy's back and makes her tap out with a reverse chin lock.
Winner: Trish Stratus


Backstage, Matt complains to Lita about Jeff taking a stupid risk as Survivor Series. Jeff walks in. Jeff says he is sorry. Matt says Jeff made a selfish choice that cost them the most important tag team match in their careers. Lita tells Matt he has made some selfish choices in their relationship. Lita says there are more important things than being in the ring such as love and family. Lita leaves and Matt chases after her. Jeff gets mad and throws down his ice pack he was holding to his head.


WWF Intercontinental Championship
Christian vs Edge
Christian brings a chair in the ring and Edge punches it back in his face. Edge goes to pick up the chair but Test enters and takes out Edge. Christian gives Edge the unprettier on the chair.
Winner by DQ: Edge


Backstage, RVD asks Rock talk about their tag team match against the Dudleyz. RVD is spaced out so to get his attention Rock starts speaking VanDamese. RVD understands.


WWF Tag team Championship
Rock and Rob Van Dam vs Dudley Boyz
At the beginning of the match Vince comes out to the top of the stage and makes it a handicapped match by putting Chris Jericho on the Dudley's side. Jericho low blows the Rock and gives him the rock bottom for the pin.
Winners: Chris Jericho and Dudley Boyz

After the match Jericho and the Dudleyz leave to the back. Rock gets on the mic and say he and RVD don't feel like leaving. Rock talks some more VanDamese. The Dudleyz run back down to the ring. Vandaminator on Bubba. Rock bottom on Dvon. Rock and RVD high five each other and salute the fans. Rock and RVD leave to the back while the Dudleyz slowly make their way up.



DCC Wrestling: The Real Mans Sports

(A) Dec. 1, Sat, Michigan Open @ Bay City; 10:00am
(H) Dec. 5, Wed Assembly Match 1:30pm Hartland
(A) Dec. 8, Sat Ply Slim Trny 10:30am
(A) Dec. 12, Wed @ hartland 5pm; CC/Ply Canton /Dundee
(H) Dec. 14, Fri, 5pm CC/Clio/Ply Slm
(A) Jan. 3, Thur, Forest Hills Grand Rapids, Tri (tba) 1:00pm
(A) Jan. 5, Sat, St. John Toledo 10:00am
(A) Jan. 10, Thur, @ S. Gate Aquinas 5pm CC/ Aquinas/Romulus
(H) Jan. 12, Sat, CC Invitational 10:00am
(H) Jan. 15, Tues, 5pm CC/S.Lyn/Rchmn
(H) Jan. 19, Sat, CC Super Dual 10:00am
(A) Jan 26, Sat, 10:00am Observerland Trny, @ Churchhill
(H) Jan. 29, Tues, 5pm CC/Flint Crmn/Saline
(A) Feb 1, Fri, Rochester 5pm CC/Roch/Bay City
(H) Feb.6, Wed, 5:00pm Parent Night CC/RU/Clkstn
(A) Feb.9, Sat, 10:00am Catholic League Trny. (@) Devine Child
(H) Feb. 13, Wed, 5:00pm Team District @ CC/(tba)
(A) Feb. 16, Sat, Ind District

(A) Dec. 1, Sat, Michigan Open @ Bay City; 10:00 am Some JV will go
(A) Dec. 12, Wed @ hartland 5pm; CC/Ply Canton /Dundee
(H) Dec. 14, Fri, 5pm CC/Clio/Ply Slm
(A) Dec 15, Sat, @ Clarenceville Trny, 10:00am
(A) Jan. 3, Thur, Forest Hills Grand Rapids, Tri (tba) 1:00pm
(A) Jan. 5, Sat, Liviona Stevenson 9:00am
(A) Jan. 10, Thur, @ S. Gate Aquinas 5pm CC/ Aquinas/Romulus
Help out with CC inv.
(H) Jan. 15, Tues, 5pm CC/S.Lyn/Rchmn
CC Super Dual Some will wrestle
(H) Jan. 29, Tues, 5pm CC/Flnt Crmn/Saline
(H) Feb.6, Wed, 5:00pm Parent Night CC/RU/Clkstn
(A) Feb. 20, Wed, Team Regional
(A) Feb. 23, Sat, Ind Regional
(A) March 1&2, Fri and Sat Team State

(A) Dec. 15, Sat, @ Melvindale Trny, 10:00am
(A) Jan. 9, Wed, @ Bro. Rice, 5:30pm
Help out with CC inv.
(H)Jan.14, Mon, 5:00pm
(H) Jan. 16, Wed , 5pm CC/DC/LS
Help out with CC super dual
(H) Jan. 23, Wed, 5pm CC/Romulus/LS