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Detroit Catholic Central Shamrocks

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With things heating up outside, in the weight room, and the trash talking starting to fly, The Scout decided to start his writing season with words on the Detroit Catholic Central football team. On my favorite site of all time, MLive, people have been saying that this 2002 season will be one of the worst for the great Shamrocks, with weak leadership and small line on both sides of the ball, this is going to be the weakest team ever so says them. From what I have seen, being able to spend time with the team and all, this is the strongest leadership in years, with aggressive seniors like Pat Clark and Dan Moore; the players will listen to what the captains will have to say. On the account of being week, on average, the bench between our starting lines is about over 300lbs. Not the biggest team ever, they are one of the fastest team of the Mach-Corrotti Era. With big names such as Brooks and Means running the ball, the Shamrocks are sure to chuck up the points every game. And all the talk about a young, inexperienced QB, in Thomas, is completely false. Anyone who has ever seen any Shamrock JV game this past year knows that Thomas is a BIG play maker, a QB who can pass and run the ball up and down the field. People have rated us at best 3rd in the Catholic League, behind such rivals as Brother Rice- 2nd, and University of Detroit- 1st. Some have gone so boldly to say that the best the Shamrocks can hope for is 5th. Even with U of D going to have one of there best teams ever, even with out their star quarterback- suspended over some extra activity he was caught doing. Brother Rice will be strong to, with a loaded team they will be tough to beet come September 21st. I can see the Catholic League title coming back home to the hollowed halls of Detroit Catholic Central, with a 2nd MSHAA State Championship to go with it.




The Scout 7/12/02

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For the first time in three years, Farmington Hills Harrison is finally letting Brother Rice play them once again. FHH has not let a Catholic League team play them in the regular season due to Brother Rice beating them three out of four times played. This will be the game of the regular season.




                                                              TheGodFather 7/12/02

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